Potable water treatment plant in TAGTABAZAR - SOJUNALY, Turkmenistan

Client: Eagle Property Investment L.P.

Equipment and performance:

Potable water treatment plant in Tagtabazar – SOJUNALY

- 625 m3 / h

- Design, supply, installation

- 2 pcs pumping stations, Q=324m3/h and Q=384m3/h with accumulation 3x1000m3

- Pipeline of water supply for WTP with length more than 7 000 m

- sand filtration 750 m3/h on pressure filters

- ionex filtration 375 m3/h

- chemical preparation and chemical dosing

- accumulation of drinking water (4 x 1000m3)

- pumping station of drinking water

- electrotechnical part, measurement, regulation, control system, cabling

In operation from 01/2019