Basic Information about Our Company

The company VA TECH WABAG Brno spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1994 as a sister company of Wabag Wassertechnische Anlagen GmbH &Co. KG, Kulmbach, Germany, which constituted a major European manufacturer of water treatment technological equipment including drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, cleaning of swimming pool water and waste water treatment. In the water service sector the company is able to offer a wide variety of processes in compliance with the strictest European standards.

By the year 2000 the company focused primarily on industrial water treatment for power stations, heating plants and boiler houses of industrial plants. At the end of the year 2000 the first contract for delivery of equipment for drinking water treatment in western Bohemia was signed. By incorporating our company in the group Wabag a unique technology that is unprecedented at least in central Europe could be used. From this moment, the successfully realized contracts for treatment of drinking water appear more often, for example water treatment in Mariánské Lázně, Hradiště, Souš etc.

Successfully implemented works have consolidated our market position and in particular increased customer demand for our other products – drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment and solutions of sludge processing. With the rise in output our company has grown and today we have at our disposal recognized experts in all important fields of water treatment.
Long-term high quality of our work did not go unnoticed by important customers both at home and abroad. Our company participates in the reconstruction of important Czech power stations as well as in new construction of power plants abroad. Due to our flexibility and capacity for innovation we managed to penetrate into the metallurgical industry. Increasing trend in the interest of foreign investors over the entire range of our products, the perception of high quality and reliability at domestic customers promise stability and further development of our company particularly in the foreign market.


Fields of our activities

Company VA TECH WABAG spol. s.r.o. is involved in the field of water treatment and especially in the following areas:

  • water pre-treatment
  • ion exchange technologies
  • membrane separation
  • filtration processes
  • waste water treatment plants
  • drinking water treatment
  • neutralization stations
  • cooling water treatment
  • water thermal treatment
  • sludge dewatering
  • treatment of swimming pool waters

What we manage to do

We deal with the following activities:

  • technology proposals
  • equipment design
  • turn-key deliveries of equipment
  • training of operators and staff
  • process of management and control of technology
  • consulting activities
  • studies and technical assistance
  • equipment service and maintenance
  • warranty and post-warranty customer service
  • financing
  • water analysis
  • equipment operation

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