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  • Manufacturer of water treatment technology equipmenT

    technologie upravy vody

    We manufacture equipment of waste water treatment from drinking water to waste waters.

    We build water treatment plants with the highest standard.

    We contribute to environmental protection and the elimination of ecological burdens.

  • Unique

    unikatni technologie

    As part of the group of companies VA TECH we use a unique technology which has no parallel in the Central Europe.

    Our experts implemented in the Czech Republic a number successful projects.

    We are offering: technology proposal, design, financing and turn-key delivery of equipment.

  • High quality of project implementation

    vysoka kvalita

    We cooperate with many leading companies in the region. We participate in the reconstruction of Czech power stations and in construction of new ones abroad.

    Quality, process optimizing and increased efficiency are guaranteed.

    We also offer warranty and post-warranty customer service.

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Mondi Demi00.png

Reconstruction of demineralization stations - Mondi SCP Ružomberok, Slovakia

Client: Mondi SCP, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Reconstruction of two demineralization stations, which the company Wabag supplied and put into operation in 1995 ...


Demineralization station and condensate treatment - Mondi SCP Ružomberok, Slovakia

Client: Mondi SCP, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Delivery of new demineralization station and condensate treatment...


New sand filter - Mondi SCP Ružomberok, Slovakia

Client: Mondi SCP, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Delivery of new sand filter and equipment...

Mondi Antracit2.jpg

Reconstruction of the Anthracite Filter - Mondi SCP Ružomberok, Slovakia

Client: Mondi SCP, a.s.
Equipment and performance: Reconstruction of the Anthracite Filter, which Wabag supplied and put into operation in 2002 ...


The company VA TECH WABAG Brno spol. s.r.o. was founded in 1994 as a sister company of Wabag Wassertechnische Anlagen GmbH &Co. KG, Kulmbach, Germany, which constituted a major European manufacturer of water treatment technological equipment including drinking water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, cleaning of swimming pool water and waste water treatment. In the water service...

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